01. People in my culture [respect] the elderly, and take proper care of them.
02. It is important to be [respectful] of other cultures even if you don't always understand their values or traditions.
03. Wilson Mizner once said, "I [respect] faith, but doubt is what gives you an education."
04. In many [respects], the cultures of Canada and the U.S. are very similar.
05. If you [disrespect] others, they will never show you any respect either.
06. I really [respect] my parents for all they did to help my sister and I get a good education.
07. Rita Rudner once remarked, "Someday I want to be rich. Some people get so rich they lose all [respect] for humanity. That's how rich I want to be."
08. Don't swear at people like that; it is very [disrespectful].
09. In Japan, one should give and receive gifts with both hands; this is viewed as a gesture of [respect] and humility.
10. The boys on the team have a lot of [respect] for their coach because he listens to what they say, and always encourages them, rather than just criticizing them for every mistake.
11. In some societies, looking a superior in the eyes when they are speaking is considered [disrespectful].
12. Many Bolivians believe that [respect] for spiritual beings is important in avoiding misfortune.
13. Grandmothers in the Czech Republic enjoy much [respect] as a source of wisdom.
14. Buddhist monks are said to be the most [respected] people in the tiny nation of Bhutan because they do not touch money, and dedicate their lives to helping all of mankind.
15. If criminal activity is suspected in regards to a bank account in Switzerland, the bank's [respect] for the secrecy of the client can be dismissed.
16. Psychologists have a responsibility to [respect] the rights and dignity of their subjects.
17. The book is appropriate for all tennis players [irrespectively] if they are new to the game or are seasoned pros.
18. Visas for foreign visitors may be canceled if the holder of the visa commits a criminal offence, [irrespectively] of whether it was committed abroad or in this country.
19. The bell rang, and the boxers retreated to their [respective] corners.
20. The children were sent to their [respective] rooms to calm down after fighting over their toys.

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